By: Michelle Alton

Exterior Staging Ideas

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When interested homebuyers see an MLS listing, they may drive by the property to take a look at the home and the neighbourhood. If they don't like what they see, they may keep on driving.
Clean and neat is the minimum you need to slow people down. Powerwashing the siding, cleaning the windows and touching up the paint or stain on the porch and deck are first steps.
Of course keep the grass mowed, trimmed and well watered. If your lawn is in really terrible condition, consider having it completely resodded. It's money well spent if it brings people out of their cars and inside to buy.
If your driveway is asphalt, coat it with liquid asphalt to make it looks its best. Powerwash concrete and interlock driveways to freshen them up.
Add great lighting to the front of the house to make sure your home is warm and attractive at night. Clean up the house numbers, polish or replace them. They need to be visible from the street. House numbers, door hardware and your mailbox are like great earrings or cufflinks on an outfit—they add the sparkle and really finish things off.
Repaint your front door with a fresh new colour. Consider something seasonally appropriate to attract interest. For spring, you might try a fresh green or robin's egg blue. In fall, try a warm orange or red. Make sure to consider the colour of the body of your home and any other details, such as shutters or awnings, when selecting the colour and shade. Coordinate your colour scheme with pretty new doormats on all exterior doors, even the door leading to the garage.
If you have any kind of a porch or balcony, add a wicker chair and tiny table with flowers. This charming addition will sell potential buyers the vision of a leisurely morning cup of coffee or evening cocktail.
Add hanging baskets of flowers and consider adding annual flowers to your beds for a fresh hit of seasonal colour. Finish off your flowerbeds with a thick layer of cedar mulch. You can use natural cedar or stained cedar in black, brick red, or even blue or purple to match your exterior colours. In addition to being great for your plants, mulch gives gardens a tidy, finished look.
Then stand back and wait for the doorbell to ring! Your home has everything it needs curbside to sell.